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The Truth

Do you want to know who I am? My. name is Cory Fling Do you want to know the truth? Well, there is no truth. Only convoluted versions of it. What you hear is more often than not a regurgitated idea that someone had a thousand years ago.

My colleagues and I are all fighting for the best case scenario in a time of global confusion. Our progress on foreign relations has stalled since the change of Administration. Our cause and fight for unity is no longer solely national. True Peace can only be accomplished and global one. Evolution declares it to be so. And we believe that Standing bold and united in the face of fear, confusion and ignorance is the only way to finally establish a peaceful collaborative planet..

If you will stand with US in the  fight for for something higher than local politics, than I make sure that the version of truth you hear is as accurate as possible. In standing together Nationally, and Globally can we finally accomplish a more peaceful and stable destiny.

Hello World.. my name is Justin


When you chose the other.

Daily Prompt: Jump

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